Kensington Mums

Kensington Mums was created in 2011 with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences and helping my yummy Kensington Mums learn from one another. Network support for mums – as the name suggests – supports mums in their journey of motherhood and off course parenting. Sharing tips, swapping advice and ideas are all important in a life of a mother who wants the best for her children.

service overview

Kensington Mums welcomes approaches that are relevant to family life in London.

1. Weekly Scoop
Designed for families on the go, who enjoy exploring London and family days out. Our weekly guide is popular amongst the Kensington Mums community and includes a selection of city events year round as well as during the school holiday.

2. Social media consultancy
We can work with you whether you are an individual, business or brand. We can help you target your niche audience and build on your customer clientele.

3. Bespoke events
Kensington Mums organises bespoke mumthly events catered to the needs of the Kensington Mums community.

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