World Wide Women Collective

World Wide Women is a creative collective of female photographers and artists from around the world. World Wide Women represents the free, indomitable spirit of women in the world of art today.

Founded in 2012 by fine-art photographer and artist Anouska Beckwith, World Wide Women acts as a platform to encourage, support, exhibit and sell the work of female photographers and artists.

World Wide Women’s sensorial exhibitions seek to create a unique atmosphere through different artistic mediums, including photography, art, film, installation, and music. This sisterhood of female artists has been built on the shared vision of effecting positive change in the world through the creation and expression of art by joining forces to empower one another.

In 2013 gallerist and curator Andi Potamkin joined World Wide Women as the curator for the Ritual exhibition. Living in New York City, she is a Director at Steven Kasher Gallery in Chelsea, and co-owner of Kasher / Potamkin a gallery in Chelsea

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World Wide Women is a creative sisterhood of talented artists and creatives who come together to create unique, sensorial exhibitions around the World.

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Adarsha Benjamin, Aëla Labbé, Alexandra Valenti, Alice Mason, Amanda Charchian, Anna Marcell,
Anouska Beckwith, Beni Lux, Brigette Bloom, Cendrine Rovini, Christy Lee Rogers, Claudia Legge, Edie Sunday,
Eleanor Hardwick, Fiona Michie, Hadassi Reuben, Iris Della Roca, Jeaneen Lund, Jem Goulding, Katie Eleanor,
Laura Barocio, Leanne Surfleet, Lou Praha, Mary Herrera, Maximilla Lukacs, Melanie Little Gomez Smith,
Michaela Meadow, Nina Koltchitskaya, Poline Harbali, Sarah Seene, Shae Acopian Detar, Suji Park,
Susu Laroche, Tiffany Graham, Viviana Levrino

Flo Morrissey

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