Perinatal Mental Health Project

The Perinatal Mental Health Project (PMHP) is a non-profit entity that has been operating since 2002, in partnership with the Departments of Health and Social Development. It actively addresses the challenges associated with gender based violence, teen pregnancy, HIV, substance misuse, refugee status and early childhood development through its clinical engagement with vulnerable women and their families, through training of staff that interact with these women, through research projects and advocacy work.

service overview

We provide mental health services for pregnant and postnatal women, train those who work with mothers to improve the quality of their care, form partnerships to promote the scale up of services and inform global interventions through robust research and advocacy.

- Clinical Services: We develop, evaluate and optimise maternal mental health delivery systems through service provision at 3 maternity facilities.
- Training: We prepare and capacitate the maternity and social service environment to deliver maternal mental health services.
- Research: We generate evidence for the development and refinement of mental health service models and to inform the Project’s other 3 programmes.
- Advocacy: We focus on raising awareness, evidence up-take and building momentum for quality state-provided maternal mental health service delivery.

46 Sawkins Road
Cape Town, ZA 7700
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