CHIJ Katong Convent

A CHIJ School is a Christ-centred school community where all work together for the promotion of truth, justice, freedom and love, with special reference to the needs of persons who are disadvantaged in any way. As an IJ School, CHIJ Katong Convent is a Catholic school which commits itself to the proclamation and living of the gospel in every facet of its life. The IJ School is a school where the poorest and weakest in society are given priority, where choices and decisions are made from the viewpoint of the disadvantaged. The IJ School is committed to the total development of the person in her God-given uniqueness. The IJ School is a school which works for a just society and, in the management of its own affairs, is seen to be just. Simplicity, trust in God, gentleness, concern for the poor, a readiness to reach out to others motivated by God-like love, are the outstanding characteristics of an IJ community.

service overview

Academic Depatments:

-English Language & Literature
-Info & Communications Technology
-Mother Tongue Languages
-Nutrition Food Science
-Physical Education

3 Geylang Bahru Lane
Singapore, SG 339626
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