Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica

Women in Music was born in 1978 as a grassroots movement created by opera singer and musicologist, Patricia Adkins Chiti and became an international non-profit foundation in 1996. It promotes and supports women composers, songwriters and music creators of all nationalities through its network of over 27,000 affiliated organisations, composers, performers, pedagogues, musicologists and researchers in 113 countries.

Its mission is the “Declaration of Fiuggi”, in 32 languages. It encourages respect for women’s cultural diversity and creativity in line with the UNESCO 2005 Convention for Cultural Diversity. The Foundation promotes best practices facilitating the introduction of cultural policies to protect and promote diversity and capacity-building opportunities. The Foundation’s pioneering role in the affirmation of the concept of the uniqueness of women as creators of music has been recognized by the Italian government, UNESCO, the EUC, the EUP, the Arab Academy and UNESCO’s International Council for the Music. Since the seventies it collaborates with the Vatican and since the nineties with UNESCO and the European Music Council.

service overview

Donne in Musica encourages:

- Capacity building with residence periods in Fiuggi for composers and researchers from every part of the world

- Research and publication of books

- Outreach and inclusion through concerts in theatres, auditoriums, churches, schools, centres for the elderly and for mentally disabled

- “Music for the Mind”: help for music schools and conservatories in need through the supply of music, scores, recordings, DVDs, books, encyclopedias

- Custody, cataloguing, digitalization and promotion of its own patrimony of over 43 thousand scores of music by women in all parts of the world, all genres and from the 11th century onwards.

Teatro Comunale, Piazza Trento e Trieste
Europe 03014
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