American Women's Club of Brussels (AWCB)

The American Women's Club of Brussels (AWCB), an asbl/vzw non-profit organization, was founded in 1949 by 36 American women who were living in Belgium. Since then, the Club has grown into a social forum for over 1,000 members - both men and women, of any nationality. The AWCB is also one of the few American women's clubs overseas to own its own Clubhouse, complete with excellent facilities such as a library that includes English language DVDs, gift boutique and café.

service overview

The Club’s primary objectives have remained the same throughout the years: to organize a center for philanthropic, social and cultural activities for its members, to engage in welfare and cultural activities which will contribute to closer Belgo-American understanding, and to foster fellowship for the American women resident in Brussels and environs.

Ahornlaan 1
Europe 1640 Rhode St G
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