Beyond Fistula

We empower women and girls who are obstetric fistula (severe childbirth injury) survivors through education, vocational training and business skills training. Our program, based out of the Gynocare Fistula Centre in Eldoret, Kenya funds the "re-integration" part of fistula care. Our program begins after surgery, essentially "Beyond Fistula," to help women reintegrate back into their communities through social support, education and vocational training.

service overview

In addition to social and emotional support, we offer the following programs:
- Vocational training program: teaching women a marketable skill such as sewing, hair dressing or catering
- Business skill training program: teaching women how to budget, market and manage a small business.
- School scholarship program: full scholarships to help young girls return to school.
- Production program: also called our "Quilts for Empowerment" Program. Teaching women to quilt and helping them sell their products locally and internationally.

191 Pine Lane
Los Altos, CA 94022
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