Joy of Mom

There are a million sites, poems, quotes, books and blogs dedicated to motherhood, answering the age old question: What does it mean to be a mother?

We all have mothers. If you’re here, chances are you are a mother. We all have feelings about our mothers and feelings about our roles as mothers.

Motherhood is universal, but JOM is different. We aren’t discussing what it means to be a mother. We are here to talk about how it feels to be a mother. Whether you’re exhausted, honored, annoyed, enraptured, uncertain, scared, joyful, full, empty, stressed, charged, proud, worried or a mix on any given day—you have a voice here.

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JOM is a place to celebrate all areas of motherhood and to champion for each other—never against—whether we’re winning or losing or haven’t showered or slept or forgot what the word s-e-x is even supposed to mean. This is a place where promises mean something, where our DNA is comprised of breast milk and deadlines and multitasking and leaning in and leaning out and sometimes just being left the hell alone.

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