Zan Media

Zan Media is a San Francisco Bay Area film, video and media production company, combining high-quality creativity with demanding project management and media strategies for the digital age.

Embracing the newest technologies, Zan Media continues to advance by creating feature films and documentaries, TV commercials, political TV campaigns, winery videos, DVD creations, interactive internet-based video content and media direction for internet clients.

service overview

- Documentary Films
The creation of documentary films is the perfect medium for Zan Media’s passion for story telling. There are countless interesting stories in the world and we want to tell them.

- Music Videos
Would “Thriller” have become what it has without its infamous video? Probably not. Zan Media works to help artists make a bigger impact with their music.

- Creative Website Development with Media Strategy and Management
In the “information age” saturated with marketing messages, social media and limited attention spans, creative websites and media strategies are vital for a company’s success.

- TV Commercials
Our company’s bread and butter, Zan Media has been writing and producing television commercials for over 30 years. Despite the Internet’s steady rise in popularity over the last few years, television remains the dominant medium in most U.S. households.

- Political Commercials and Videos
Zan Media has created TV commercials, web videos and informational videos for countless candidates, ballot measures and county organizations. Working closely with clients and consultants, we create unique concepts tailored to meet campaign goals and target audiences.

- Corporate Videos
Your Power Point presentation can only go so far. Video allows you to present your information in a way that is educational, but more importantly, entertaining.

- Marketing and Promotional Videos
You have worked hard to create your product or service and we work hard to make sure people know about it. We love finding the best way to tell your story and getting it to the right people.

- Educational and Informational Videos
Most people are visual learners and grasp concepts best when they can see them. Enter educational and informational videos. From Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to explaining new technologies, Zan Media produces creative videos that are both informative and engaging.

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