Story Architect for Women Leaders

Helping women leaders tell their stories. I bring the skills of a writer, editor, project manager and executive coach to the role of Story Architect for Women. I focus on providing a resource for women who want to tell their stories in an effective and powerful way.

service overview

My clients are women who need help sorting out the details of the story they want to tell.

That help comes in different forms:
- Help with where to begin
- Help staying focused and on track
- A sounding board to develop ideas and the message
- A content expert to shape and edit the story itself
- Someone to capture and write the story for them

I will work intimately with you to create a great book. One you can truly be proud of, hang your professional reputation on and leave as a legacy.

As a story architect for women leaders, I specialize in helping women determine how to tell their story with elegance and a unique edge.

Whether your goal is to produce a book about business, your personal journey, or a blend of both, the result will be a book of substance and value.

Story Architect Programs:

- Catapult Sessions: are perfect for the truly independent author who wants a write their best book in less time.
- Story Architecture Intensive: blends the expertise of a professional writer with the satisfaction of doing it yourself.
- Complete Story Architecture Program: works best for the author who needs someone to capture and craft their story.

Boston, Massachusetts
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