Dressarte Paris

Dressarte Paris is the first sustainable made-to-measure clothes brand.

Created by Nathalie Neuilly with the idea to substitute a traditional atelier for a virtual one, Dressarte Paris is a celebration of personalised style, updated classics, perfect fit and timeless quality.

“I’ve always believed that when we wear clothes that are well made, we feel better and more confident,” says Nathalie. “We encourage women to express their style, identity and self-confidence by allowing them to modify the design of clothes and adapt them to their body measurements.”

service overview

Just like in real atelier, you choose the fabric and customise garments to your taste, and then we realise your ideas.

Each garment is unique since it’s cut according to your desing and tailored to your specifications to ensure perfect fit.

We undertake with care each step of production process: construction, pattern cutting and sewing.

Paris, France
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