MixR is a community engagement engine built from a female point of view:
collaborative, decentralized and transparent.

Our simple, easy-to-use & free web and mobile plaftorm empowers networks and
organizations to engage locally with their communities while leveraging feminine
strengths: self-organization, grass-roots collaboration and in-person action.

Through MixR, female-forward organizations unleash the power of communities and local leadership, amplifying their reach, visibility and impact.

service overview

With MixR, relationships start online and move into real-life activity in communities that create a seamless sense of belonging. You might actually call us a “belonging machine,” we generate so much opportunity for engagement.

MixR creates communities and a sense of belonging both online and offline, forging real relationships that transcend the thin social ties of online-only platforms.

• “Followers” is so over. The future is community and contribution. MixR is built to be member-centric, not manager-centric.
• Because it is member-centric, MixR unleashes the power of micro-communities and local leadership for organizations, amplifying their visibility and reach.
• MixR belongs to YOU – it’s built on a values-based business model where everything is transparent. We practice conscious capitalism, where all stakeholders win.
• MixR is a millennial magnet, opening access to one of the most philanthropic and activist generations ever. They love MixR’s emphasis on collaboration and co-creation.

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Santa Monica, CA 90401
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