Olita, Inc.

Olita, Spanish for “little wave,” captures the essence of what our business is all about. We love the beach and develop products that can make your time at the beach even more enjoyable. Additionally, we are committed to promoting water conservation at all beaches. Our original Beach Be Gone product achieves all of these things. It makes clean-up at the beach easier while also saving water.

service overview

Beautiful blue skies, warm sand and waves – there’s no place like the beach! We at Olita, are beach-lovers inspired by the stunning ocean views, the sun warm on our skin, the allure of the waves as they roll onto shore, while creating memories with family and friends. Olita may mean little wave in Spanish, but we are making a big splash with our line of eco-conscious products.

We take our responsibility and passion seriously to protect what we love…you and our environment. With that in mind, we developed our line of luxurious skincare products with healthy ingredients that are high performance, as well as natural and organic. Our products protect and nourish the skin with vitamins and age-defying antioxidants. We strive to make the beach a fun and happy destination, while keeping you beautiful.

We got our start in Marin County, California, producing innovative beach personal care products that are good for your skin. We want to deliver on a promise of affordable products that are all-natural and good for you without busting your budget.

Our Products Include:
- Olita Sunscreen
- Olita After Sun
- Beach Be Gone
- Olita Lips
- Olita Apparel and Accesories
- Beach Inspires Jewelry
- And So Much More!

San Rafael, California
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