dnaPower provides the most comprehensive DNA testing for diet, fitness and wellness to help people make better decisions about their everyday health.

Through a simple cheek swab, we provide easy-to-read personalized reports to help health practitioners provide more customized approaches to their nutrition and fitness recommendations.

We have been providing personalized testing and professional support to people since 2008, helping them make better decisions about their health. We have many years of experience in developing diet and fitness programs for people tailored to their unique genetic makeup.

We know you can have a happier and healthier life by understanding your DNA.

service overview

dnaPower focuses on DNA testing for wellness. We provide you with your unique genetic information related to key factors influencing your everyday health.

- dietPower DNA Test
Learn what diet is right for your genetic make-up.

- dietPower + fitPower DNA Test
Diet and fitness go hand in hand. Take a healthy, informed approach to your diet and training to develop the ideal program to optimize your health.

- totalPower DNA Test
Learn all you can about your body. Get all of our DNA tests at under half of the regular price. Don’t guess. Unlock your full genetic potential to become the healthiest that you can.

- SkinDNA Test
SkinDNA ™ is the revolutionary laboratory DNA test that examines 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with skin aging. Find out your high, medium and low risk areas and be provided with a detailed list of topical ingredients, supplements and professional treatments tailored specifically for you.

- Diet & Fitness DNA Test and Coaching Package:
A comprehensive report and consultation plus personal coaching sessions to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

- Personalized Diet or Fitness Plan:
Develop a diet or fitness plan based on your DNA! Discuss a personal diet or fitness plan with an experienced DNA-trained nutritionist or personal fitness trainer to get yourself on the right track.

- Report Consultation:
Get the most out of your DNA results. Review your report results with an experienced DNA-trained diet and fitness professional.

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