Utz Threads

Utz Translates to good, which describes the quality of products created by the indigenous women’s weaving cooperative in the highlands of Guatemala. Utz Threads provides cultural exchange, economic empowerment and an education for both the artisan and consumer. With an emphasis on relationship building, Utz Threads is part of a movement that takes note of all aspects of a supply chain and being intentional in seeing that all involved are fairly compensated for their work.

service overview

At Utz Threads we highly value culture, reciprocity and learning. We make it a point to provide you insight into the artisan’s practices and culture at a respectable distance through videos, blogs and interactive opportunities in order to truly emphasize the value of the products. Reciprocity is a very important aspect of who we are at Utz Threads as we would like to take part in reframing the relationships between consumer and producer. When you receive a product from the cooperative you are gaining an opportunity to learn elements of everyday life in this region of the world. In return, you are supporting the continuance of this tradition along with the empowerment of these women.

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