Altruvistas is an ethical travel company inspiring travelers to engage their passion, explore issues they care about, and build philanthropic relationships.

Our mission is to provide you with ethical, comprehensive, educational, and philanthropic travel planning services so that you can have the adventure of a lifetime. Our journeys are culturally insightful, engaging, comfortable, and worry-free, while also synergistically benefiting the local economy, our hosts, and important causes. We can also create a journey rooted in the good work you are doing in the world!

If you are traveling as an individual, duo, small group, or family, you can also join one of our "Open Journeys" where the itinerary has already been thematically created in partnership with our hosts. We travel all over the world!

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Why AltruVistas?
Bringing equity to tourism is what AltruVistas does. Though tourism is one of the largest industries on the globe, it is one of the few that is little examined within a human rights framework. After working in the nonprofit human rights sector and overseeing advocacy travel programs for two decades, our founder Malía Everette recognized the power of travel to increase intercultural understanding, forge peaceful dialogue, transform consciousness, and inspire the agency of the traveler. She simultaneously recognized the economic power travel has when the experiences and tourism dollars are directly benefiting local communities and the host economy. Thus AltruVistas was founded upon these core ethical values, as well as the pragmatic financial strategy of deeply examining our travel “supply web.”

AltruVistas offers journeys all over the world. We travel to North, South, and Central America, as well as Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania, creating and deepening local partnerships wherever we go. We have expansive programming and roots in Cuba and Hawaii, as well as designated program coordinators in Ecuador and Brazil. Our journeys vary in theme, with areas of focus including human rights, the arts, the environment, food sovereignty, international LGBTQ communities, indigenous rights, women's empowerment, and more.

Visit our website to see a list of Upcoming Journeys, or contact us to create your own!

About the AltruVistas Logo
AltruVistas’ founder Malía Everette wanted a unique logo that represented the transactive spirit of human generosity. Malía grew up in Hawaii. As she was reading about the Lomilomi tradition, she ran across the Hawaiian symbol for Thundering Grace, which speaks to the inalienable and unmerited favor and love from divinity–and she knew that she had the base image to adapt. According to Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim in THE WISE SECRETS OF ALOHA, gratitude is the naturally-evoked emotion in human beings when they are acknowledging the presence of Grace.

In the symbol, you’ll see the crosscurrent of grace receiving gratitude; the core relationship between the human being and divinity. The symbol is believed to align one’s being with this crosscurrent of "Grace receiving Gratitude." According to Harry Uhane Jim, “It is the Hawaiian intent to call and feed the thundering and apparent light of divinity wherever this symbol is engaged in the present.” Malía was inspired to adapt this image for anchoring heaven in our space here on earth, and worked with graphic designer Victoria Odson to brand AltruVistas.

About Our Founder: Malía Everette
From 1997-2012, Malía Everette was the Director of Global Exchange’s popular and rapidly expanding Reality Tours program. During her tenure at Reality Tours, Malía oversaw the growth and development of alternative travel programs, study seminars, and fact-finding human rights delegations to over 45 global destinations. From the US to Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and the Caribbean, Malía promotes in-depth experiential education and socially responsible travel. AltruVistas journeys are an alternative to the kind of “sun and fun” tourism that often results in cultural homogenization and does little to benefit local communities and host economies.

Malía has over two decades of experience pioneering cultural and educational exchanges for organizations, foundations, educational institutions, and families. Malía believes in the power of travel as a transformative tool for education and social change, and sees how travelers have become citizen diplomats. Malía has facilitated tours to over 80 countries around the world, focusing on international relations, human rights, political economy, sustainable development, women’s issues, the arts, and the resilience of indigenous cultures.

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