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Our Mission
Our mission is to inspire and educate business leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs about the value of bringing LOVE into business. Bringing LOVE into business is all about creating a culture of compassion, caring, and connection.

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to be in service to the planetary awakening and healing by bringing LOVE into business.

Our Vision
Our vision is to imagine and contribute to a world that works for everyone. A world where peace prevails. A world where every person is able to thrive, share their unique gifts, and fulfill their Inspired Purpose.

Corporations are the most powerful entities on the planet. Corporate leaders who cultivate a culture of compassion, caring, and connection enjoy greater productivity and higher profits. Additional benefits include healthier, happier employees, families, communities, and societies. Mother Earth benefits as well.

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Welcome! I’m so happy you are here...

Are you yearning for more caring, compassion, and connection, i.e. love, in your work and in your life? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then you’ve come to the right place.

There is a reason for our yearning. Our consciousness is evolving. The world needs us to open our hearts, share our gifts, and live our inspired purpose.

If you are a leader or decision maker who is looking to bring more innovation, vitality, and resiliency into your organization, then I have some great news! Bringing in a culture of caring, compassion, and connection, i.e. Love, will transform your organization, ignite innovation, and build resiliency. My team and I will partner with you to build a culture of Love in your organization.

If you are an employee or entrepreneur who wants to be inspired by your work in the world then the LOVE@WORK MethodTM is a powerful guide for your journey. Beginning with a foundation of self-love, the LOVE@WORK MethodTM invites and guides you to step out, take risks, share your gifts, and live into your inspired purpose.

I believe that by bringing more love into our work and our organizations, we can transform the world…

About Olivia Parr-Rud:

Olivia is an internationally known thought-leader, speaker, best-selling and award-winning author, and a data scientist who focuses on the interplay between technology, corporate leadership, and personal growth and happiness. Throughout her career, she has blended analytic tools and holistic organizational practices to deliver successful solutions for her clients.

Her many years of research and client work in data science led to the writing of her first book, Data Mining Cookbook, Modeling for Acquisition, Risk and Customer Relationship Management (Wiley 2001), an international best-seller. Seeing a larger need for the blending of analytics with human competencies, she was inspired to conduct research in the areas the communication, collaboration and leadership. This led to the unveiling of links between the global economy, organizational dynamics, and complexity science, highlighted in her second book, Business Intelligence Success Factors, Aligning for Success in a Global Economy (Wiley/SAS, 2009). Her third book, Business Analysis Using SAS® Enterprise Miner® and SAS® Enterprise Guide®, A Beginner’s Guide won Best of Show at the Carolina Technical Book competition in 2015. As a lifelong spiritual seeker, Olivia began to see patterns that revealed the importance of love as a driver of business success.
Olivia holds a BA in Mathematics, an MS, with honors, in Decision and Information Systems with a concentration in Statistics. She is a certified Holacracy® practitioner. Clients include Cisco, Clorox, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Fleet Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Genentech, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Providian, HP, IBM, SAS, and Xerox.

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