Rescue Pink

There are over 60 million missing girls in India. They were either aborted before birth, killed once born, died of neglect just because they were girls, trafficked, or given away in child marriage. This stems from disregarding the value of its women for centuries. The root of this stems from extreme poverty and an age-old practice of dowry that is deeply ingrained in its culture. Rescue Pink works to change this through rescue, prevention, and awareness.

service overview

Our goal is to empower the moms of these at-risk little girls in a self-sustainable way, to help them rescue their own girls, keep families together, build courage in the moms to stand on her own two feet and show her value to the family. Then, together with rescue pink’s influence, we build confidence and empowerment into the little girls in order to create a self-sustainable change among the masses in the areas where we work.

The first thing we do is rescue. It’s the thing we can do right now to protect young girls who are already at risk. One of the ways we do this is by offering a daily after-school program for vulnerable girls at our centers. By having the girls with us every day we are able to keep an eye on them.

We have relationships with the family and can intervene if they are considering child marriage or getting rid of her in any way. We teach the importance of education, work with the girls to give them life-skills, and finally, we help promote their self-esteem in as many ways as possible.

A way that we rescue and prevent these issues is by finding pregnant or lactating women who are vulnerable, and help facilitate a community for them. Most women have felt like property most of their lives and have never experienced the feeling of friendships and sisterhood. We provide the avenue to build these friendships in order to give support and encouragement to one another.

At these gatherings we offer them supplemental nutrition, because most poverty-stricken women feed their families first, and often nothing is left for them. We teach them about family planning and health, and how to take care of their bodies. They learn, often for the first time, how the nutrition of the mother directly relates to the health of the baby.

We find that many in India have become desensitized to the long-term effects of the decisions they make today; how the shortage of girls is making a profound impact on its culture already, and will continue to worsen in the future. We are already seeing extreme violence against women in India that stems from centuries of a disregard for its women. Through the use of social media, video and other means, we work hard to bring these issues to light.

We work to create awareness at the village level, as we find that many families in rural areas have no idea what government programs are available to them and how to access them. These programs are meant to create hope, but most villagers have no idea they exist. We teach young people the ways they can bring about change in the ways girls are valued in India. We warn families of how traffickers work, by coming to rural villages promising a better life for their girls, while they end up being used for slave labor or sex trafficking.

We teach girls how to overcome discrimination, and how to be more confident and dream big. We teach them of the various forms of abuses and how to fight back, not be silent, and raise their voices against such violence.

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