Thinking Huts

Our mission is to make a quality education financially and geographically accessible via 3D printed schools. We aim to support education while catalyzing positive change with 3D technology that revolutionizes the way we think about architectural solutions while promoting our core values of peace and prosperity.

service overview

Our product/service are 3D printed schools that will be shipped in easy-to-assemble ‘kits’ that can be assembled by 2-3 community members. By providing developing communities with the fundamental tools to build a brighter future for themselves and future generations, we believe that issues such as poverty, gender inequality, HIV/AIDS, and conflict can be solved on an effective global level. We are also looking into viable sustainable solutions that would include water purification and solar energy. While our main focus is creating 3D printed schools, we also created a giving program called Think Boxes which sends educational care packages to orphanages and schools overseas.

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