Her-Rah! 1st Bra

“It is our dream to inspire a girl’s movement and celebrate maturing young girls to be confident, educated, and compassionate to themselves and others as they explore the journey of development.” Carole & McKenna

Herrah1stbra.com is an e-commerce site that provides unique and fun first bra products for young girls, ages 7 – 13. As they enter into the maturing process, breast budding is the first stage in a girls’ development. Having that first bra experience is a critical milestone that sets the stage for how a young girl will continue to perceive and “come into” her growth from little girl to young lady. The Her-Rah! brand promotes and supports a CELEBRATION for this important stage of a girls’ life, as well as making it special for both the young girl AND her Mom (or Dad, Auntie, Grandmother, Godmother, Sister, etc..).

Her-Rah! emphasizes age appropriate products and healthy approaches for young girls as they navigate through this wonderful, yet at times awkward and confusing journey. Her-Rah! brand is a resource for young girls and their Mom or Dad, providing recommendations and shared “best practices” for productive and nurturing conversations with their daughters. We suggest useful tools for communicating adequately and lovingly, and tools to help young girls better understand what’s next and what to expect, thus taking the fear and scariness out of this Rite of Passage.

service overview

Her-Rah! 1st Bra's products and services are centered on creating a CELEBRATION for young girls as they enter into and transition through their developmental stages. Their offerings represent the latest tween and teen trends supported by the very best quality products and services in the industry, while keeping styles age appropriate.

Her-Rah!'s products include:

Four (4) Signature Bras - Styles that are simple, cute, and age appropriate (none with underwire, padding, or push-up features). All will have detachable and interchangeable straps, same color as the bra.

Multiple Bra Strap Sets - Distinct patterned and printed strap sets will be sold separately (currently have 35 various styles and colors which will roll out with each season, including some LTO’s)

Mesh Laundry Bags have been developed to sell alongside a girls’ first bra purchase. These will provide young girls with a value-add product to teach them how to care for/launder their delicate items early on

Period Kits have been developed for the young girl who is preparing for or has already started her period. These are easily carried in her backpack or stored in a locker, handy for or in preparation of that special time of the month. The bags are made of durable, natural, soft fibers that are reusable and discreet. Comes with a Tide Stick, a branded baggie for a clean pair of panties, 2 panty liners, 2 appropriately sized pads, 2 junior sized tampons, 2 feminine wipes, and a red dot (period) lip balm (looks like an EOS lip balm)

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