Plan C

The Plan C mission is to create a world in which the ability to end an early pregnancy is in the hands of those who need it. By sharing information and driving access to the safe, effective health technology known as "abortion pills," Plan C plays a critical role in the reproductive justice landscape toward a vision of health access and bodily autonomy for all.

service overview

Plan C is a campaign to educate women in the US about the self-managed option made possible through abortion pills, and advocate for a new model of care that puts these pills in the hands of those who need them. It was founded by innovative public health experts who helped bring Plan B (the “morning after pill”) over the counter. Plan C educates the public about how people are safely and effectively managing their own abortions using pills, researches new routes of access for the US, and mobilizes a grassroots network to advocate toward this shared vision. Learn more at

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