Intentional Leaders

One of the key dilemmas of business owners and executives that we directly address is how to get effective results through other people for profitable business outcomes. The solution is to build a business or team that operates effectively, profitably and separately from the owner.

A business or team that depends on the owner or manager to be the glue that holds it together is a business or team at risk. A healthy business or team can reflect your values and high standards, but does not have to depend on you. Our offerings support shared expectations and agreement, two keys to business success. Our services are focused on putting the missing pieces in place that establish the essential foundation for business success.

service overview

Intentional Leaders Key Executive Coaching and Training Services & Product Offerings:

1. Executive Coaching
To create the necessary shift in thinking that facilitates profitable business results, workplace wellbeing and work-life balance.

2. Work Flow Documentation (aka Best Practices or Systems Development)
For consistent outcomes that meet company/team standards.

3. People Management Toolkit – “Empowering Work Relationships”
A management toolkit that helps managers establish and maintain predictable outcomes and healthy work relationships in an environment of shared expectations, agreement and accountability. The EWR Toolkit is focused on helping managers get results through others.

4. Team Building and Leadership Retreats with Horses (Held in the Santa Cruz, CA)
A unique retreat opportunity that partners with horses (free of equipment – no riding) as the co-facilitators and offers powerful insights about effective relationships, creative problem solving and the self-empowerment that results from enhanced awareness, presence and intention. The lessons learned from the horses translate to the workplace for improved work relationships and performance.

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