Iridescent is a global education nonprofit with the mission to empower youth from under-resourced communities to become innovators and leaders using engineering and technology. Over the past 13 years Iridescent has engaged 100,000 youth across 100+ countries in real-world problem solving with the help of 28,000 mentors, parents and educators.

service overview

TECHNOVATION CHALLENGE is the world’s largest technology-entrepreneurship program for girls. Over 12 weeks, middle and high school girls work with mentors to find a meaningful problem and develop a mobile app and business model to address it. To date, ~25,000 girls from all over the world have completed the 100-hour program, supported by 11,000 mentors. Girls are empowered to tackle pressing problems ranging from finding clean water, connecting orphans with mentors, preserving dying languages, helping victims of child marriage, creating a virtual reality firefighting training program, or helping other teen girls build their confidence.

AI FAMILY CHALLENGE is the world’s first and largest AI-education program. Over 10 weeks, families learn about AI concepts such as Neural Networks, data, self-driving car algorithms, machine learning and training models to recognize images, text, and emotions through an IBM-Watson based platform Machine Learning for Kids. Families watch videos of an expert explaining the concept and then apply their understanding in a hands-on way. For instance, in the self-driving car design challenge, families learn that the onboard computer collects data through different sensors. The algorithm (created by an engineer) uses this data to make the car act in a particular way. The family is then challenged to “engineer” an “algorithm” that takes specific actions on an electrical game-board circuit, based on certain inputs. Families learn that an algorithm can be improved if it is not working well, and that improvement is iterative and continuous.

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