Bolga Ayia

“Bolga Ayia” is a beloved Garune phrase–it exemplifies Bolga’s cultural pride and is reserved for only the best they have to offer. Founder Sia’s baskets are truly Bolga Ayia. He works exclusively with Bolgatanga’s best weavers (“Gambibgo”) and handpicks the baskets he sells, ensuring each basket is unique, quality, and free from imperfections.

service overview

In the early 1960s, Sia Yambire was born in Bolgatanga, a village in northeastern Ghana, close to the country’s border with Burkina Faso. Like many in Bolgatanga, Sia grew up humbly, living in a mud hut with no electricity, running water, or plumbing.

In 1992, Sia moved to the United States, and to make a living, began importing his tribe’s beautiful and world-famous baskets. Since Sia grew up alongside the weavers whom he now works closely with, he is uniquely invested in their wellbeing. Because of this, Sia pays his weavers better than fair trade rates.

Now, when Sia goes back to Bolgatanga for four months every year, he is lovingly referred to by many in his tribe as “America Man”. He is widely known in his village for his good work and philanthropy.

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