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Having something nice to wear is vital to a memorable experience, especially in a teen girl’s life. However, quality clothing is expensive and teen girls also tend to outgrow their clothes quite rapidly. They are unable to reuse like-new outfits, contributing to increased waste in landfills. Additionally, the countless hours spent shopping in various stores trying to find an appropriate, affordable outfit only adds to the frustration. PromElle offers the ideal solution to these problems so teen girls can save money, time, and the environment! PromElle’s mission is to empower every girl to feel confident in herself and what she wears. We truly believe that PromElle can be a game changer for our generation!

service overview

Using the app, girls who own barely used outfits that they have outgrown or know they will not use again, can list their clothing and create their own virtual retail store on the app, sell or lend them out to other girls and make money. Within a matter of minutes, and using only their phones, lenders and sellers can list their outfits by providing images, other details and availability, usually asking for about 25-30% of the retail value as the purchase price and 15-20% as the rental price. On the other end, girls who are shopping for an awesome, affordable outfit can browse the listings on PromElle and buy or rent one for a fraction of its retail cost, and save money.

For rentals, at the end of the rental period (either 4 or 8 days, depending on what the lender selects), renters simply pack the outfit and return it back to the owner. PromElle facilitates delivery and manages all financial aspects of the transaction and receives 20% of the transaction revenue for every rental or sale. Using the Donate feature on the PromElle app, girls across the country can now easily donate their formal wear and girls who cannot afford quality dresses can access these items at no cost. The PromElle mobile app is free and available on the iOS App store.

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