Spencer Crane Etiquette, LLC

What We Believe
Business etiquette and authenticity are partners, not rivals. Etiquette can change how you are perceived, but not who you are. Your true self, your character, will support or undermine the perceptions you create. Business etiquette is simply the foundation that supports your message. In other words, business etiquette helps you do you!

Our Approach
We take business etiquette seriously, but we like to have fun! First and foremost is our commitment to establishing a safe and supportive learning environment. We use real life examples, storytelling, research and current thought leadership to make our seminars and one-on-one sessions informative, relevant and fun. We take feedback from our clients seriously, so your input in our after seminar surveys is important to us.

service overview

The following is a representative list of topics from which you may choose when we are co-designing your seminar. All topics will be customized to fit your situation and needs. Please let us know if you would like a seminar topic that is not listed below and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Business Etiquette:
- First Impressions
- Handshakes
- Introductions
- Eye Contact
- Body Language Basics
- Cultural Awareness
- Social Media
- Email Etiquette
- Telephone and Voicemail Etiquette
- Mobile Phone Etiquette
- Networking
-Thank You Notes
- Interview Dos and Don’ts
- Small Talk
- Dealing with Difficult People
- Dressing for Success

Business Dining:
- Understanding and Managing the Place Setting
- Managing Utensils
- Managing the Napkin
- Styles of Eating (American and Continental)
- Host Duties
- Guest Duties
- Tipping
- Ordering Wine
- Basic Food/Wine Pairings
- Ordering from a Menu
- Seating Arrangements
- Business Dining on a Budget (for Solopreneurs)
- Solutions to Modern Business Dining Dilemmas

Personal Brand Management:
- Personal Brand Defined
- How a Brand is Created
- Authenticity and your Personal Brand
- How your Personal Brand can Influence your Career
- Managing your Personal Brand
- Building Trust with Clients, Partners and Customers

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