Breaking the Chains Foundation

Breaking the Chains is unified global non-profit foundation using art as the process to unmask the stigma of individuals affected by eating disorders. Creative genres like film, painting, writing, music, and dance will inspire the global community to use art as an outlet for the darkness that lies dormant. One by one, hand in hand we will champion the rediscovery of self-love, self-acceptance and respect. Sharing a healing journey that will break the chains, one link at a time.

service overview

How To Love Your Selfie – with Jillian Rose Reed
Jillian Rose Reed is an award winning actress, blogger and social media influencer. Jillian always knew that as soon as she was given a platform and a voice, she wanted to use that voice to inspire and help others! Early on in her career, she used her social media to spread awareness about causes she was passionate about, like finding a cure for diabetes, becoming the celebrity spokesperson for Breaking The Chains, and inspiring young people to get more active in their communities! Now, with an online reach of almost 1 million, an active blog, and an Instagram she uses to promote self-love, Jillian has learned how to take all the negative that comes with social media, and turn it into a positive! In this 45 minute Interactive Seminar, Jillian will talk to young people about self love, body confidence, shaking off internet trolls, and how to live your best life both on and off the internet!

Guest Speakers:
“THE ARMY OF HOPE” – Breaking The Chains Foundation Founder and President, as well as American Council of Exercise Health Coach, Debra Hopkins shares an insightful, meaningful and encouraging speech on the aspects of hope, building an army to support that hope, and magnifying the idea there is “extraordinary” in each person. She believes full recovery and healing is possible from an eating disorder and takes a personal inside look of one’s journey by creating an enriched sense of self-efficacy, self-discovery, and self-love.

“THE ALICE SYNDROME” – Breaking The Chains Foundation Founder and President, as well as American Council of Exercise Health Coach, Debra Hopkins shares a personal journey of her experience with what is commonly referred to as The Alice in Wonderland syndrome, a disorienting sense of visual perception. How it affected her, how she learned to overcome it, and how she came express it in her award-winning project, “Finding Alice”.

Live Performances:
Alex Little’s “7 Chairs”
Created & Choreographed by Breaking the Chains Foundation Board Member, Alex Little, in collaboration with the Dancers from her company ESCAPE ARTISTS.Communal gatherings quite often activate or assist in individual healing. Through the art of dance, 7 people have chosen to attend an anonymous meeting to share their stories and listen to others’ in real time. This is a powerfully vulnerable, revealing, and freeing process, highlighting that willingness to not only see and hear, but also to be seen and heard is on the deepest level where it all begins. It’s in the service of showing up, listening, and sharing that directly results in the individual realization that “I, You, We…Are Not Alone” and then the personal process of healing continues. Knowing you are not alone can only cultivate more acceptance, support and hope. A piece that highlights that there is healing in the service of both sharing and receiving.

Finding Alice Book/CD Set based on award winning short film for purchase or sponsorship. What if each page turned was brought to life by captivating images, voiced by poetically unparalleled characters, and joined by narration? “Finding Alice” is a story book about a girl rendered helpless suffocating within a corrupted tea party and industrialized world full of twisted mortar, metal, and steel struggling with the vicious entities that dwell within. Her journey unlocks the key to find the true meaning of who she is meant to be, embracing her freedom for tea time will never be the same.

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