Envision Lead Grow

We are committed to helping girls build their future through entrepreneurship by creating a curriculum and community to support their success. We will increase entrepreneurship rates & break the cycle of poverty for middle school girls in underserved communities.

service overview

Envision Lead Grow (ELG) provides a four-point program to educate, expose, support, and guide our Girl Bosses towards building their businesses. ELG extends its curriculum and resources to our girl entrepreneurs at no cost to them or their families with funding provided by our founder, Dr. Angela Reddix, corporate sponsors, and patrons.

First, girls attend a one-week summer immersion camp. They will leave with a solid business idea, a ‘passion pitch’ to sell their concept, and the confidence to begin building their business. Second, they receive nine months of mentoring support from an adult mentor located in their local city. Mentors act as a sounding board and guide for developing business ideas into operating businesses. Third, ELG provides monthly webinars to all girls where they hear from ELG Founder, Dr. Angela Reddix, special speakers, and each other.

Lastly, ELG rewards the top Girl Bosses who have been making their businesses thrive with the Entrepreneur Institute. The Institute is a multi-day field trip that exposes our young entrepreneurs to women leaders from Fortune 500 companies, successful business owners, and professionals. Girls earn an invitation to the Institute through their participation in mentoring sessions, All-City Webinars, and ELG business challenges.

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