Atelier19/ Bizibots

Virginie Manichon is a licensed architect and industrial designer living in San Francisco.
Originally from France, she grew up surrounded by wooden toys and European craftsmanship.
In 2012 she started Atelier19, a design and manufacturing firm committed to fine design. Her latest creation is the Bizibots.

The Bizibots came out of a desire to create a toy that would be reminiscent of her childhood and to re-introduce wood into an industry that is favoring plastic and cheap disposable toys.

service overview

The Bizibots is a line of wooden robot kits. Each toy is crafted from solid maple wood, solid Poplar and birch ply.

The kits contains 30-50 parts. They are fun to assemble and more fun to play with. The bots are held in place by bungee cords. They can be balanced in hundreds of ways and make for hours of discovery and role play.

San Francisco, California 94122
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