BuyFromWomen™ Business Owner: Meet Anne Biging of Healing Hotels of the World

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your career path so far.
A: I grew up in post war Germany and thus developed from early on a strong sense that healing can indeed happen and that life should not be filled with fear and depression. Naturally curious and with the consciousness that there is more in this world that you can see, I learned about health and well-being through the study of yoga, meditation, ancient Indian scriptures and several healing techniques.

After traveling the world as a journalist and book author, I successfully established a career in international tourism destination marketing and hotel consulting. To combine my passion for healing with my professional competence I founded Healing Hotels of the World in 2006. Healing Hotels of the World is the only global quality brand uniting the best and most advanced hotels and resorts in the field of holistic health under one umbrella. The brand is also at the forefront of supporting the global paradigm shift towards a soulful economy through organizing the HEALING SUMMIT – COMMITTED TO HEALING.

Q: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
A: I have always worked self-employed. I believe that it is an inherent creativity that had expressed itself first as a writer then by founding my first company. I created Healing Hotels of the World out of my passion for a holistic lifestyle. I also was not satisfied with what the wellness industry was offering at that time because I am interested in the transformative journey of healing and not just relaxation. Combining hotels with healing was at the beginning of Healing Hotels of the World a new concept; today everybody talks about transformative travel. As an entrepreneur I am always inspired to improve and develop new areas and frontiers. As healing is so encompassing I created the Healing Summit to advance healing in all aspect, not only for ourselves but for the world around us. I have founded a consulting branch of Healing Hotels of the World to improve existing healing hotels or to help in the creating of new ones.

Q: Tell us about your business.
A: The core of our business is healing. To understand it and to communicate this understanding is our business. With the understanding of healing comes a new understanding of business itself. What is a healing business? It is not only to provide healing to the costumer, but the business must be healing itself. I created Healing Hotels of the World out of passion. This passion includes compassion, the wish to help, to contribute something good to the world, to help humanity.

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Q: What have been the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur?
A: To be an entrepreneur means to encounter challenges. To bring something new to the world you have to overcome obstacles. You have to create trust and you have to cope with the financial implications of building up a business.

Q: Where have you found the support you've needed to start, grow, and scale?
A: I definitely always find support in my spiritual path. I also have a circle of healers and coaches that support me. But it seems that I also have strong inner guidance that did not allow me to compromise in challenging times and that allowed me to follow my truth.


Q: What is the one piece of advice you would like to share with other entrepreneurial women in the world?
A: Never give up. If you fall, stand up again. Believe in yourself. Do not compare yourself with others. Do not allow competition to take away the joy of what you have created. Never loose your joy and creativity because they are the currency of success.

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