Leader Spotlight: Qian Chen of WHELFY

Q: Where do you live?

A. Hong Kong

Q: Tell us about your organization.

A. WHELFY is the next generation of globalized investment company, combining fund management, broad community networks, tokenized platform, active management and value-add to our portfolios and partners.

Q: What is the one piece of advice you would like to share with other women looking to start an organization?

A. Go for it.

Q: How can WorldWideWomen readers get involved in what you are doing?

A. We build communities and work with entrepreneurs, companies and foundations related to improving the quality of life and the environment in Asia, by bringing sustainable and life enhancing products, services, technologies and ideas from around the world into the Asian market.

Our investment areas and businesses cover:

* W: Women Empowerment & Women Entrepreneurship
* H: Healthcare and Wellness
* E: Environment, Sustainability, Cleantech & Agritech
* L: Learning and Education
* F: Fund Management, Foundation and Fintech
* Y: Youth and Innovation-driven Consumer, Culture & Entertainment, Travel & Leisure products and services

Q: Who is the greatest female influence in your life?

A. My mother

Q: Please share with us something that you want other women around the world to hear.

A. Believe in your natural girl power and don't hesitate!

Q: What do you feel is your greatest achievement?

A. The greatest is always the next one.

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