WorldWideWomen Making a Difference: Meet Jennifer Carolyn King

Q: Tell us about your background and what you do with your time.

A: I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was nine years of age when I would host free puppet shows in my backyard and then charge for the ice cream sundaes that I would make for my audience. Since then, I founded BioSpace, one of the very first Internet companies which serves the biotech and pharmaceutical industry (1985-2002). Rugged Elegance, the soulful network of social entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Kudos Trading Co. (, gratitude, great goods and giving back ... where we deliver artisan goods made in San Francisco and the East Bay to over 600 enterprises throughout the Bay Area. Today, I am also a philanthropist who runs the Rugged Elegance Foundation. Our mission is to inspire healthy, adventuresome, soulful living, and philanthropic giving. Three of my proudest investments, today? Reimagine: End of Life, Constellation, and the first ever theatrical production of “Babette’s Feast” which was written by a woman (Karen Blixen), conceived by a woman (Abigail Killeen), directed by a woman (Karin Coonrod), funded by a woman (Jennifer Carolyn King). “Babette’s Feast” currently showing in Portland, Maine and soon coming to Off-Broadway stars “Orange is the New Black’s” Michelle Hurst.


Q: Who is the greatest female influence in your life?

A: My mom, my sister, Cynthia, my sister-in-law, Pam, my BFFs (you know who you are), and my two children, Dartmouth ‘17 grad, Jessica King Fredel (22) who now works at Trewstar placing women on corporate boards, and my very brave female-to-male transgender child, Niki King Fredel (20), a student at NYU who is studying how human beings form empathetic connections via different art forms.


Q: Please share with us something that you want other women around the world to hear.

A: Go For It! Whatever your dream is. Hire / invest in people smarter than yourself. And don’t give up! Unless God is telling you to redirect...which requires stopping what you are doing and listening! Listen to your ❤️ and your creator for direction! Your reality can become better than that which you ever dreamed!


Q: What do you imagine for women and girls around the world?

A: Twenty years ago, our family created Thrive Foundation for Youth. Our mission was to create opportunities and environments for young people to thrive, enabling them to become all that God intends. This is what I hope for women and girls around the world. Today, I am playing a small part: Offering the use of my home in San Francisco, California and my Africa-inspired home in Kennebunkport, Maine as a RETREAT for women entrepreneurs and philanthropists. I am involved in a health, wellness, fitness, skincare business called Quintessential Biosciences ( . We are building a global #hempire. Together with my husband, Timothy Fredel, we are creating entrepreneurs around the world who become philanthropists as they succeed rather than after they succeed. Kudos Trading Co. ( gives artisan merchants who are primarily women a platform to sell their creme-de-la-creme goods. And the Rugged Elegance Foundation helps girls and women thrive primarily in America and Africa. May we each have a hand in inspiring girls and women in our local community and around the world to become all that their Creator intended! Inspire. Be Inspired.


Q: What do you like most about WorldWideWomen?

A: The name! We are closer to one another than we think. You drive that home!


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